Carole Nantel
CANTRA-certified instructor
Cathy Duchesneau
CEO and Treasurer
CANTRA-certified assistant instructor

Alessia Fent
Assistant Instructor in training with CANTRA
Marie-Josée Harvey
Assistant instructor in training with CANTRA


Without the involvement of some 10 volunteers who ensure that Projet équestre Goldie runs smoothly, it would be impossible to fulfill our main mission to offer quality services at the best possible cost for parents.

We would like to especially thank Daniel Hayward and Brigitte Vachon, who have been volunteers for 16 and 12 years respectively, and to Jocelyne Piché and Carole Lamarre who have been active volunteers at the centre for 7 and 6 years respectively.



Cathy Duchesneau, CEO and Treasurer
Equestrian Therapist
Dany Laliberté, President
Master Electrician
Danielle Bonin, Secretary
Parent of a rider

Myrianne Méthot, Administrator
Senior Technical Advisor National Bank
Carole Lamarre, Administrator
Volunteer at Goldie


It goes without saying that choosing the right horse is essential, whether for its frame, height, symmetry, stride length or temperament, as the rider must feel at ease with the horse’s movements in the same way the horse should be able to respond to the rider and goals.

Mare paint, 10 years old.

Greasy is a brave mare, independent and exemplary calm.

Mare Quater Horse, 15 years old.

Didi is very calm and affectionate with everybody.

Gelding, Paint X Percheron , 8 years old.

Dusty is very close to the human, affectionate, playful and adores when we go to pick him up in his paddock to come with us.

Mare, Poney, dark bay, 13 years old.

Chika is exemplary calm and loves fresh grass! Sponsored by Fondation Martin Matte.

Mare, Poney, chestnut, 6 years old.

Chikita likes to walk near us, she’s gentle and patient.